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Order 48" Air Guard $675.00

Air curtain fly fans in stock in Los Angeles area.

Available To Order Online.

Select Order 48" Air Curtain
Price: 48" wide $675.00 with door switch.
Air Guard Series Air Curtain- Fly Fans.
Perfect For Restaurant Front Customer Doors.

Easy to install 110v ready to plug in.
Low profile size is 9" tall.
Designed for indoor mounting.
Comes with a 2 speed high-low switch.
2 Speed (hi-low) Motor Specifications:
High speed 3150 fpm and low speed 2559 fpm.
(fpm is feet per minute rating)
Rated effective for flying insects to 7'h.

48" wide $675.00 with door switch
Air Guard Air Curtains Are In Stock.
Shipping in 1-2 days from our plant in Costa Mesa CA. 
For Questions or Sales Call Toll Free 1-877-768-0722.

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