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Fly Traps and
Our Sales and Production Departments Have Over 15 Years Each Of Commercial Fly Trap Experience.
We Provide Knowledgeable Fly Trap Assistance, Fast Service and Low Prices. 
Shipping Products From Costa Mesa and Los Angeles CA.
For Fly Trap Questions or Sales Call Toll Free: 1-877-768-0722.

Fred, Janel and Randy.
At The Show Selling Plastic Strip Curtains, No Zap Fly Traps and Air Curtain Fly Fans. 

Some Customer Comments:

Over The Phone Recently:
'I've got other ways of attracting and getting rid of flies but your fly traps are the best of all.
Please send me 3 more packs of sticky paper for my fly traps. (model NZ3000)
Thanks, Tim M in Florida.  

"Randy Your Fly Trap Works Great".
"It started catching flies right away, I can recommend it to anyone".
Mark W. from New York. (model NZ3000).

"The No Zap Fly Trap Sure Got Rid Of The Flies".
"It works great and it solved our problem". Todd Nielsen Tustin California.

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