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Sconce Style Fly Trap Model NZ2000.

Decorative sconce fly trap for restaurants, No Zap Fly Traps On Sale!

Available To Order Online.

Select Order Model NZ2000 Fly Trap:
Price: sconce model fly trap $195.00.
Low Profile and Effective.
Sconce Fly Trap Model NZ2000.

A low profile attractive tan color wall sconce.
Captures flying insects virtually unnoticed by customers. 

Rated effective for a 1000 square foot area.
Sleek low profile sconce size is 23" wide x 5" high.

Uses a low power flourescent fly light bulb.
And a concealed glue pad inside traps the flies. 
8 glue pads are included normally a one year supply.

This model is in stock and normally ships out next day.

For Questions or Sales Call Toll Free 1-877-768-0722.

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