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General Purpose Fly Trap Model NZ3000.

Available To Order Online.

Select Order A Model NZ3000:
Price: order NZ3000 $325.00.
Commercial Indoor Fly and Mosquito Trap.
No Zap Fly Trap Model NZ3000.

This is our most popular fly trap model.
For use anywhere indoor flies and mosquitos are present.
Rated effective for a 1500 sq ft area.

Hangs on the wall or free standing wherever needed.
Most commercial fly traps only hang on the wall.

The secluded sticky paper tray can catch 100's of flies.
And each unit includes 8 fly papers, normally a 1 year supply. 

Perfect for use in grocery stores, restaurants and home use.
Anywhere you need elimination of indoor flies and mosquitos.

Includes LED fly light with an added light reflector.
The reflector adds more fly light to attract flies in difficult areas.

For Questions or Sales Call 1-877-768-0722.

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