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Stainless Single Panel Restaurant Kitchen Doors.

Available To Order Online.

Select Opening Size Request:
Price: 36" wide stainless steel door $1,200.00.
Stainless Steel Restaurant Kitchen Doors.

Lightweight 16 gauge single ply stainless swing door.
With smooth diamond shaped sides. 

Strong stainless steel gravity roller hinge system.
Easy swing open and then back to closed position.

This is an easy to install door.
The hinges can be mounted to either wall side.
Common Single Panel Door Sizes and Prices:
36"w x 80"h single $1,200.00.
36"w x 82"h single $1,200.00. 
36"w x 84"h single $1,200.00. (in photo)

Other Stainless Steel Door Widths We Carry:
30" and 36" wide in a single panel.
36" 42" 48" 60" 72" wide in douible panel doors.

Heights are 84"h but can be cut down to any opening height.
Please call with opening height request.

Fast Lead Times!

Normally shipping out In 3-4 days 
from Costa Mesa Ca.

For Stainless Restaurant Door Questions or Sales:
Call Toll Free 1-877-768-0722.


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